Most Able


At Outwood Academy Foxhills, we value academic excellence and we believe that the learning of all of our students should be personalised. All students should be challenged, inspired and empowered by learning. All of our classrooms should be engaging and inspiring places to learn.

It is well known that learners learn in different ways and our teachers accommodate these different learning styles in their lessons. Our most able learners are identified and their progress is monitored in order to make sure they are continually provided for and are reaching their true potential.

Most able learners are those students who show an outstanding ability in one specific subject or across a selection of subjects within the Academy community.

Who are most able learners?

Students who are most able will demonstrate achievement or the potential to achieve at the highest levels in comparison with children at a similar age or stage in their education.

How do we identify our able, most able learners?

We have a register of most able learners. Identification is based on quantitative and qualitative data and by specific departments who will recognise ability, giftedness and talents in their subjects. Our feeder schools maintain a record of most able students and this information is passed on to us at the KS2 to 3 transition stage. Those who achieve a level 5 at key stage 2 in subjects will automatically be put on the register.

Parents and carers will be notified throughout the year if their child is identified on the register. This register is a working document and names can be added or removed when it is reviewed.

Parents can also nominate their child through the nomination form on this page.

What provisions are in place for our most able?

The Academy provides activities and experiences to extend its most able pupils. This could be as part of the extensive enrichment programme that is offered to all students or specific activities, such as visits to universities and outside speakers.

Within the classroom, teachers use stretch and challenge activities and use our learning model to develop important skills such as communication, creativity, evaluation and independence. This will help our students to achieve their potential and develop key employability skills. Our curriculum model enables students to fast-track as appropriate, or opt for enrichment activities which give the opportunity to broaden and extend knowledge and skills. Most able learners are encouraged to develop leadership or mentoring roles within the classroom and within the whole Academy.

How is progress monitored?

All students are monitored through our rigorous ‘Praising Stars ©’ system and our intervention model. It is expected that all teachers will track the progress of most able students to ensure they are making excellent progress and are not underachieving. This is reported to parents every half term.

How can parents/carers help?

Parents and carers are asked to inform the Academy about talents or aptitudes of their children and to encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities both in and out of the academy. If there are any concerns or queries about their child’s progress or identification, Mr Robinson, Associate Assistant Principal with responsibility for most able learners can be contacted. The flyer link to the right may also answer any queries parents may have.

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