Claire Bradbury - Associate Assistant Principal

Associate Assistant Principal - Deep Experience

My teaching career began here at Outwood Academy Foxhills in 2002, where I was appointed as a teacher of Dance. Drama was introduced and the department delivered a KS4 curriculum allowing students to take qualifications in the creative arts subjects and I was appointed the Head of Department. I took a change of focus in 2013 and moved towards art & design, and I have continued to focus and lead in this area to the present day. My passion has always been for the more creative subjects and I love to see our students exploring new skills within this area.

I have been involved with the Deeps for the past four years, all within Deep Experience. Initially leading on trips and visits and more recently developing and planning the year 6 transition and year 8 graduation programmes. I will be continuing to work within Deep Experience as I now take the next step and I am looking forward to new and exciting challenges ahead working within the Senior Leadership Team.