Pledges at Outwood Academy Foxhills

At Outwood Academy Foxhills we have a Pledge initiative which encourages students to participate in activities that will help them gain confidence, develop their leadership skills and play an active part in shaping our local community, helping them to prepare for future education and employment.

The Pledges encourage students to be actively involved in the wider school community whilst also giving them the opportunity to develop life skills. This demonstrates to future employers that our students are proud of where they have come from and are making a commitment to develop skills that they will use in their future career.
We aim for our students to have completed a certain amount of Pledges at various stages throughout their time at the Academy;

*3 Pledges are required to graduate in to Year 9.
*7 Pledges are required to attend the Year 11 Prom

Below is more information about how each of our students can achieve their Pledges.

How to achieve pledges

Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after Academy activity

There are many after school enrichments which are offered throughout the Academy, from Film club to the Lego club and of course a wide selection of sporting enrichments. The aim of offering an after school enrichment is for our students to develop their confidence, make new friends and take part in something that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

In order to gain this pledge, our students must attend an after Academy activity for a minimum of six weeks, and with our wide selection of enrichments for students to choose from, it is not surprising that many of our students develop an interest that they pursue throughout their time at the Academy.

To see the full range of our after school enrichments please see the Enrichment Booklet Autumn 2015, which can be found on the home page of the Academy website.

Pledge 2: Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event

Developing the confidence to represent the Academy in any event is a huge achievement for any of our students and it also allows them to show people how proud they are of their learning environment. There are several opportunities to represent the Academy at Outwood Academy Foxhills; playing on a sports team, attending a Student Voice training day at Outwood Grange Academy or performing on stage at one of our show case events.

Pledge 3: Take part in an Outward Bound residential programme

As a reward for Graduating in to Year 9 we run a one night residential trip to an Activity Centre where students have to work together for example to build a raft, solve problems and encourage each other to complete the high ropes course. This trip is all about developing teamwork skills, celebrating the success of graduating, and most importantly, having fun.

Pledge 4: Attend a national sporting, academic or cultural event

This Pledge is a Pledge that can be completed both in and outside of the Academy. A trip to a sporting event at Wembley Stadium, or seeing a show in the West End are examples of how this Pledge can be achieved.
Watch this space for more information about upcoming school trips which can help you achieve this Pledge.

Pledge 5: Take part in an Academy production or event

Taking part in a production requires organisation, dedication and the ability to communicate with other people, skills which are transferable to the workplace. Each year we host a Christmas concert and a summer showcase, which allows our students the opportunity to show the wider community their performing skills.

We also have various events throughout the year such as Open Evenings, Guest Speakers and Transition days. All of the events hosted at the Academy require support from our students; from singing and dancing in the showcases, to helping behind the stage and escorting people round the Academy, which count towards achieving this pledge.

Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience

Students are offered many opportunities both in and out of lessons to complete this pledge. Speaking to an audience requires confidence and excellent communication skills, and this pledge will help develop employability skills for our students.

Taking part in a VMG presentation, or campaigning for the Student Voice elections are two example ways of achieving this pledge.

Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience

Our Academy, and wider community, consists of various nationalities and identities, and this pledge is aimed at celebrating our diverse community. We are currently working towards this Pledge by offering MFL after school enrichments, and VMG projects designed for us to develop our understanding of various cultures from around the world.

Having a pen pal in a different country or experiencing a cultural event from a nationality that is not your own are just two ways in which this Pledge can be worked towards.

Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience

This pledge is all about making an impact with our local community; it could be the road on which the Academy is situated, attending a community ran youth group, or volunteering our time to take part in an activity that will benefit our community. Two ways of achieving this pledge could be to take part in the Life Style Project or mentor Key Stage 2 pupils with our local primary schools.

This pledge is something that our students are encouraged to work on in their own time, as completing a pledge outside school shows the determination of our students to make a positive impact, something which will benefit them when they have to complete job applications.

Pledge 9: Participate in a fund raising event in the Academy

Throughout a student’s time at the Academy there are various ways to be involved with a fundraising campaign. The Year 11 Prom Committee and Student Voice will organise different fundraising events, with proceeds going towards both the prom and two charities that have been nominated by our students.

Our first fundraising event of this year was the Macmillan coffee morning where we sold delicious cakes donated by staff and students, and raised a fantastic £102.29.

Pledge 10: Help with the sustainability of the Academy

Respecting and looking after the environment surrounding our Academy is very important, and walking to school is one way of ensuring that we are doing our best to help with the sustainability of the Academy. Whole school recycling is another way that we are looking to help make our Academy more sustainable, watch this space for updates.