Curriculum Overview


At Outwood Academy Foxhills we have embraced the Personalised Learning agenda and feel very strongly that curriculum design and redesign has a major part to play in the meeting of students’ needs. We have tried to provide opportunities for ‘assessment when ready’ and choice, flexibility and progression are key elements of our curriculum offer. We see the curriculum as the building blocks on which good teaching and learning can take place.

Throughout the year we will report to parents on five occasions. Reports contain an aspirational target and a professional prediction of what the students will be likely to achieve at the end of the course. Effort grades are also given for motivation, organisation and behaviour for learning.

A student’s timetable is organised with five periods of one hour and fifteen minutes tutor time in Vertical Mentor Groups each day.

All students are offered a wide variety of enrichment activities and trips to provide additional opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of the world around them.

During VMG Tutor time students hold conversations with their tutor regarding their attendance, wellbeing and behaviour. They will attend weekly assemblies as well as looking at topical events and news.

Key Stage 3

KS3 is a two year programme of study for years 7 and 8. During year 8 students choose their options for the following year.

Students study a broad range of subjects: English, Maths, Science, Design & Technology, a Language (French, German), Drama, Life Skills, Geography, History, Music, Religious Studies, Art, ICT, PE.

Year 8 Students who work hard in their lessons and prove to be conscientious about their learning are able to graduate; a university style graduation ceremony takes place at the end of year 8. Students who manage to complete the year without receiving any E4s in Praising Stars 5 are invited to the Graduation Ceremony.

The most exciting part about graduation is that students are able to choose their Learning Pathways. In other words we as an Academy are recognising that they have matured enough to study their GCSE exams and BTEC courses a year early. This gives them an extra year to gain their qualifications.

Key Stage 4


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